Edgewater Yacht Club, Inc.
6700 Memorial Shoreway NW
Cleveland, Ohio 44102

Yard / Service / Gas Dock:                                 216-281-1518
Office: 216-281-6470
Bar: 216-281-2441
Guard: 216-281-5013
Pool: 216-281-1091

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Committee Chairs  /  Departments  /  Officers  /  Staff  /   Trustees


Department Phone Number Extension or Voicemail Box #
Bar 216-281-2441 127
Guard 216-281-5013 128
Office 216-281-6470 133
Office Fax 216-281-0265  
Pool 216-281-1091 130
Yard Building / Gas Dock / Service 216-281-1518 129


Position Name E-Mail Phone Number
General Manager Ron Wolfe gm@eycweb.com 216-281-6470 voicemail box 124
Office Manager Mary Rocawich accounting@eycweb.com 216-281-6470 voicemail 123
Marketing Manager Christine Matis-Hearn office@eycweb.com 216-281-6470 voicemail 121
Receptionist Nichole Ryel reception@eycweb.com 216-281-6470 voicemail 133
Restaurant Manager Abner Cortes restaurant@eycweb.com 216-281-6470 voicemail 122

Front of House Manager
Bar & Event Manager

Mike O'Malley
Siobhan Hobson
216-281-6470 voicemail 122
216-281-6470 voicemail 122
Chef Ray Rodriguez chef@eycweb.com 216-281-6470 voicemail 131
Accountant Ed Garrity financial@eycweb.com 216-281-6470 voicemail 133
Facilities Manager (Yard / Gas Dock) Jimmy Longworth dock@eycweb.com 216-281-1518 voicemail 129
Service Mgr. / Water Asset Mgr. Jinder Ahluwalia service@eycweb.com  216-281-1518 voicemail 129
Junior Sail Camp Megan McSweeney megmc308@gmail.com 440-429-6138


Position Name Phone Number
Commodore  Commodore Flag  Patty Krotseng  216-281-6470
Vice Commodore  Vice Commodore  John Zelli  216-281-6470
Rear Commodore   Rear Commodore  Julie Osborne  216-281-6470
Fleet Captain   Fleet Captain  Stuart Butcher  216-281-6470
Treasurer  Treasurer  Nick Lubar  216-281-6470
Secretary  Secretary  Karen Ford  216-281-6470
Fleet Surgeon   Fleet Surgeon  Nick DiVita  216-281-6470


Position Expires Name
Trustee / Board Chairman 2022 Duane Wolff
Trustee 2024 Jim Herold
Trustee 2024 Chip Schaffner
Trustee 2024 Mark Saffell
Trustee 2022 Sherrie Desmond
Trustee 2023 Craig Kvale
Trustee 2022 Terry Ford III
Trustee 2023 Gretchen Oleski
Trustee 2023 John Vergis
Trustee 2024 Robb Finicle
Trustee 2023 John DeBarr
Trustee 2022 Aud Jucaitis

Committee Chairs

Committee Name Phone Number
 Audit  Aura Jucaitis  Refer to your Roster or Call the office
 Uniforms & Protocol  Duane Wolff  at (216) 281-6470  to get a specific phone number.
 Budget  Nick Lubar  
 Catwalk  Ken Block  
 Community Relations  Chip Minshall  
 Coordinating  Craig Kvale  
 Dock Assignment  David Krotseng  
 Documents  Julie Osborne  
 Elections  Pat Callaghan  
 Food, Beverage & Entertainment  TBD  
 Historian  Larry Read  
 House  Tim Yanda  
 I-LYA Delegate  Eric Osborne  
 I-LYA Delegate (Alternate)  Georg Romell  
 Insurance  Chris Gonda  
 Junior Race Team

 Kellie Schaffner

 Jr. ILYA Delegate  Georg Romell  
 Junior Sail Camp  Megan McSweeney  
 Life Member Liason  Ken Block  
 Membership  Karen Kassel  
 Motor & Mast  Don Krolikowski  
 Nominations  Harvey Peterson  
 Philanthropy  Suzie Florence  
 Planning  Tim Yanda
  Matt Heisey
 Race Chairman  Keven Eiber  
 Race Week On Shore  Hilary DiCenzi  
 Race Week On Water  Joe Colling  
 Roster  OFFICE  
 Safety & Security John Vergis  
 Shore / Storage  Ken Block  
 Sponsorship - CRW & 216 Regatta  OFFICE  (216) 281-6470
 Sponsorship - General  Christine Matis-Hearn  (216) 281-6470

updated 1/18/2022