Edgewater Yacht Club, Inc.
6700 Memorial Shoreway NW
Cleveland, Ohio 44102

Yard / Service / Gas Dock:                                 216-281-1518
Office: 216-281-6470
Bar: 216-281-2441
Guard: 216-281-5013
Pool: 216-281-1091

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Membership Cards, Gate Cards and Parking / Window Decals are for the use of the Member ONLY. Giving either your cards or decal to anyone else is a serious offense and can lead to a House Committee reprimand.

Membership Cards

Membership cards are updated yearly and identifies you as a Member of Edgwater Yacht Club.  They include your name, membership type and member number.  Please carry this card with you especially when visiting a reciprocal club.

Gate Cards

Gate cards are Permanent. The cards are activated by the Club’s office and can be deactivated if they are lost, stolen, or upon termination of your membership. Should you lose your card(s) at any time, they can be replaced for a nominal fee by the Club’s office. These Gate cards should be carried with you to give you access to both the front gate and the restroom doors when the club is closed, or the guards are not on duty.

**Keep your cards dry as moisture will ruin them.  Also, please keep them away from anything that can de-magnetize them.

Parking / Window Decals

Your vehicle window identification decals MUST be affixed to your vehicle(s) at all times. Any vehicle that does not have a window identification decal, will be stopped at the gate and requested to place a pass in the window.

**Please note that each member number receives only two (2) decals.  If you have more cars than decals, you should either place the decal on the cars that are most used, or attach the decal to a piece of clear plastic which you can transfer from one car to another. 

The decals should be placed on the DRIVER'S SIDE in the LOWER CORNER of the windshield. The decals are electrostatic and not glued, therefore they can be removed from the windshield without damage, and transferred if you purchase another car or replace the windshield.  Please remove any old decals from this lower section of the windshield for ease of view of the new decal by our Guards.

Each decal is numbered and recorded in the office so the staff can notify you if they note a problem with your car, such as having left the lights on, etc.

Updated 12/16/16