Edgewater Yacht Club, Inc.
6700 Memorial Shoreway NW
Cleveland, Ohio 44102

Yard / Service / Gas Dock:                                 216-281-1518
Office: 216-281-6470
Bar: 216-281-2441
Guard: 216-281-5013
Pool: 216-281-1091

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For your children's safety the following are guidelines regarding children:

A. Wearing a USCG approved PFD is mandatory for all children 12 years of age and under, while on the docks and near the water and for all persons while on Club owned sailboats. 

B. Children may not be in the bar without their parents present, and even this is not suggested, since language, some TV shows, and the general conduct of adults in the bar may not be the best influence on children.

C. Parents should not leave their children running around while they dine, or have drinks in the bar.

Dress Code

Rule 20 under Rules and Regulations states that Appropriate attire is required in the Clubhouse and on Club premises.
Bare feet, bathing suits, or any apparel displaying profanity are prohibited in the Clubhouse. Shirts or cover-ups are required of both men and women inside the Clubhouse. Men's sleeveless shirts are not permitted in the Clubhouse.

Online Payments

That's right - no more writing checks, or spending money on postage! No more sending checks through your banks website and hoping that it will arrive at the Club by the due date! Make a payment with a credit card or from your bank account from the convenience of your own home at anytime of the day or night through the Club's website.

Please click here for detailed instructions on how to make a payment on our website.

The following are some additional notes that are not on the detailed instructions.

Please note that you will need first to log in to our website then click on Member Central then Statements to get to the "Pay Now" feature on your statement.

Be sure to enter your correct member # when signing up. Verify that you type in the correct member number This is very important!

DO NOT PUT ZEROS IN FRONT OF YOUR MEMBER NUMBER WHEN REGESTERING!! For example if your number is 1 type 1 not 0001. If your number is 10 type 10 not 0010.

In addition, the Club does not have access to your username or password for the Pay Now feature. Your username and password for the "Pay Now" feature is completely separate from your www.eycweb.com username and password. If you loose or forget your information for the "Pay Now" feature, you will need to click on the "forgot password" link at the “Pay Now” screen and enter the same exact information that you used when signing up to reset your password. If you cannot remember any of the information the "Pay Now" website asks for, you will have to re-register for the "Pay Now" feature of the website.

If for any reason your payment is unable to be processed (because of non-sufficient funds or the wrong bank account number being entered) you will be sent an e-mail directly from "Pay Now". You will also receive a confirmation e-mail that your payment has been processed. If you do not get this e-mail, you could have mistyped your e-mail address or check to make sure that it did not go into your junk mail folder.
EYC currently does not charge a convenience fee for online payments.

On the Member Statement Page:
The amount owed by the last day of the month will show next to the statement end date (which is to the left of the “Pay Now” button).  After you make a payment this amount will stay the same however; the amount due will change in the Total Due section of the current month we are in (this section will reflect the payments you make) your payment will also show as it always does in the body of the unbilled statement. Keep in mind the total due also reflects current charges made in the month we are now in.  So when you look at Total Due it shows the balance forward from the previous month (which is the amount next to the Pay Now button) plus all charges so far for the current month we are in and subtracts any payments you have made this month. Please note that the Pay Now amount is what is actually due by the last day of the month.

To find the statement that is due by the last day of the month click on the drop down menu under the heading “Statement Period”. The statement is highlighted and says “-Current” next to the TO and FROM dates.

Payments made before 5:30 pm EST will be posted to your member account on the next business day.

Finally, as always payments are due by the last day of each month to avoid a late fee.

Payments / Online Payments

Please click here for detailed instructions on how to make a payment on our website.

If you would like to snail mail your payment or bring a check down to the Club:
Member payments are to be submitted to the club by mailing them in the preprinted envelope provided with your monthly bill to:
Edgewater Yacht Club, Inc.
6700 Memorial Shoreway N.W.
Cleveland, OH 44102

Members may also place payments in the "Member Payment Drop Box" located directly outside of the office. Payments are NOT to be left with any non-office employee - such as Guards or Bartenders. Also, payments will not be held in the office to be cashed at a later date. If you turn in a payment please expect it to be cashed within 1 to 2 business days. As always, payments must be received by the last day of the month to avoid late charges.
1. Write your member # in the memo line of all checks written to the club.
2. If your bank is sending your payment directly to the club please make sure that they include your name & your member # on these checks.
3. Do not staple your checks to your payment stubs
4. Be sure that the numbered amount on your check matches exactly with the written amount on your check. If these two sections of your check do not match exactly the bank will not accept it.


Pets shall not be permitted in the Clubhouse or Patio or Pool area at any time, and must be leashed and attended to at all times while on Club premises. Owners are responsible for immediately cleaning up after their pets.

Register or Log In

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Reservation Cancellations

Per a 1984 motion by the Board of Trustees, EYC members will be charged for any party, buffet, dinner or other event that requires reservations-if the reservation is not canceled at least 48 hours prior to the event. This includes, but is not limited to formal affairs such as the Commodore's Ball and New Year's Eve and special events such as Hump Day, Mother's Day Buffet, etc. If you have questions concerning the cancellation policy-ask the office.


Click here for information on how to use and update the Club roster (member's only) section of the website.


Click here for information on how to navigate the statement (member's only) section of the website.
Please note: When you first register for the new website your statements will not show immediately however; the pay now feature will be active and you can click on the button to pay your bill (it will just not show your balance). You must wait up to 24 hours for the system to update then you can log back in to view up to 12 months of transactions!!! This is only when you first set up a user name and password after that it will always show.

Minimum Spending

Click here for information on Minimum Spending.

updated 2-23-2023