Edgewater Yacht Club, Inc.
6700 Memorial Shoreway NW
Cleveland, Ohio 44102

Yard / Service / Gas Dock:                                 216-281-1518
Office: 216-281-6470
Bar: 216-281-2441
Guard: 216-281-5013
Pool: 216-281-1091

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Barge & equipment w/ two men $150.00/hr. 1/2 hr min.
Catwalk Cleaning by Yard Crew $120.00/hr. 1/2 hr. min.
Certified mail fee $10.00
Cradle Storage for summer season $135.00
Dock Riser Storage by Yard Crew $60 to $75 (based on length)
Dockage $1.90 x per sq. ft. of dock (lgth. x width). Any dock with 50 am service: the annual dock charge will be $2.20 per sq. ft.
Dry Sail $617.00/space - 10'x26'
EPA Removal / Supplies fee Current cost to Club, direct pass through of charges including time, material & any fines.
Replacement Gate,Membership cards or parking decals $30.00
Fork Lift w/ operator $75.00/hr 1/2 hr min.
Guest Dockage (Affiliate ILYA Member) $2.00 per foot of boat per day / 2nd night Free
(Holidays - Free 2nd night not applicable)
Jackstand Storage for summer season $35.00 up to 4 stands / $70 5 stands and over
Late payment charge 2% per month
Mast Step or Un-Step Boats 30' or less: $100.00
Non-Member: $150.00
Boats 31' or more: $125.00
Non-Member: $200.00
Mast Storage Summer / Winter $2.50 per ft. + tax
Penalty for boats or trailers left in yard $1.00/ft. per day
Penalty for no proof of ownership or insurance $1.00/ft. per day
Penalty for late dockage payment 5% or or $10.00 which ever is greater
Penalty for shoring left 15 days after launch $1.00/ft. per day
Penalty for missed haul out or launch date/time w/o notifying the office 7 days prior $300.00
Penalty for plugging into pedestal when boat is leaking electricity after being informed of leakage but no action is taken to repair leakage 250.00  
Pool Fees for Non-Member Guests $5.00/ea. Max of 6 Guests per day
Power Washer (15 min.) Club run $10.00 Member run $5.00
Pump-out Members: Free Guest Dockers: Free
Reinstatement fee $100.00
Returned check fee $35.00
Red Spotting Trailer w/ two men $150.00/hr.;1/2 hr. min.
Summer Season Repairs in yard (10 days) $35.00
Trailer Storage for summer season $250.00
Travel Lift not removed from slings $2.00/ft
Travel Lift removed or placed on a shoring device $150.00/hr.; 1/2 hr. min.
Yard Labor Club Supervised $120 skilled; $75.00/hr. unskilled; 1/2 hr. min.
Yard Winter Storage $3.75 x Length x Width
Non-member rate: Double member rate on yard services.
Rates are subject to change

updated 1/3/2023