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1. The speed of any vessel within the basin shall not exceed four (4) knots. Dinghies must yield the right of way to larger moving craft.

2. Docks and catwalks must be kept clear of all obstructions hazardous to others, including dock lines and hoses. Club carts are to be returned to their station immediately after use. Under no condition should unattended carts be left on the docks.

3. Fires using spark producing fuels are prohibited on the docks, catwalks, and boats. No open fires of any kind may be used when they will endanger life, limb, or property.

4. Mooring lines shall be of sufficient size to pass inspection of the Catwalk Committee. Lines which are not of size or quality to ensure safety shall be replaced by the Catwalk Committee twenty four (24) hours after notice of such condition has been given to the owner of the craft involved. In the event of an emergency, such replacement shall be made immediately. The total cost of any such replacement shall be billed to the member involved.

5. Dry sail spaces are available from May 20th through October 31st only. The size and construction of the trailers used for dry sail boats shall meet the approval of the Dockage Committee. All dry sailed boats must be secured to prevent careening.

6. Swimming in the Club basin is prohibited, as is spear, spear gun, and bow and arrow fishing.

7. Boats shall not be permitted to moor at the gas dock except for the purpose of fueling.

8. Pets shall not be permitted in the Clubhouse or Patio or Pool area at any time.  Patio is defined as the area south of the flagpole, north of the parking lot, east of the clubhouse, and west of the bulkhead.  Pets must be leashed and attended to at all times while on Club premises. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

9. Waste and refuse shall not be dropped into the basin or elsewhere on the Club premises, but must be deposited in the containers provided by the Club. Waste oil shall be disposed of in Club designated containers.

10. All Club equipment shall be operated by authorized personnel only.

11. Parents shall be responsible for the strict control and close supervision of the conduct of their children while in the Clubhouse, or elsewhere on Club premises.

12. Key cards and EYC parking stickers are to be used by members only. Any unauthorized use of key cards or parking stickers is strictly forbidden, and violations shall be referred to the House Committee for disciplinary action.

13. Parking of trailers (with or without a boat), that have not been assigned a Dry Sail Spot, on Club property is prohibited. All trailers must be removed the same day as lift in or lift out. Exceptions to this rule must be arranged through the Shore/Storage Committee. In no case may parking exceed forty eight (48) hours. Trailers left on Club premises beyond 48 hours shall be considered abandoned by the owner and will be removed at the owner's expense. The penalty for violation is set yearly by the Board of Trustees.

14. All members shall be responsible for the conduct and safety of their guests at all times.

15. Wearing a USCG approved PFD is mandatory for all children 12 years of age and under, while on the docks and near the water and for all persons while on Club owned sailboats.

16. All electrical cords must be of the weather proof type with the proper plug connections. No members may make any addition or changes to the dock electrical system.

17. Use of the Clubhouse for meetings other than official Club business must be arranged through the Club office. Club functions shall take precedence over outside affairs.

18. Posting of signs, notices, etc., other than official Club business, shall be subject to rules in force at the time of posting. Such rules are subject to change, and are within the jurisdiction of the Management.

19. Posted Club hours shall be complied with and observed.

20. At all times, proper conduct, language, and appropriate attire are required in the Clubhouse and on Club premises. Bare feet, bathing suits, or any apparel displaying profanity are prohibited in the Clubhouse. Shirts or cover-ups are required of both men and women inside the Clubhouse. Men's sleeveless shirts are not permitted in the Clubhouse.

21. Members, guests, and employees shall conduct themselves in a manner of civility towards each other at all times. The enforcement of this rule rests with the Board of Trustees, who may choose to delegate any part of an investigation related to a violation of this rule to the House Committee or the General Manager or both.

22. For a period of one year following the latest in time of an expulsion, a denial of membership, or repayment of debts owed the Club, no member shall knowingly nominate as a candidate for membership, any person who has been expelled from EYC or who has applied for and been denied membership and who presently owes any monies to the Club.

23. EYC members are expected to conduct themselves as gentlemen and yachtsmen at all times; to operate their watercraft and conduct themselves in a safe and courteous manner while realizing that the actions of EYC members, on the water or on land can reflect upon the integrity and the reputation of EYC.

24. No person shall possess weapons, firearms, explosives, or fireworks while on Club premises.

25. Un-stepped masts are to be clearly identified and stored on Club mast racks or on top of their boats.

26. Appearance of the winter storage and dry sail area is the responsibility of the respective boat owners. Club staff time and materials cost needed to restore appearance will be charged to the owners involved.

27. Each owner is to provide competent help to assist the Yardmaster in hauling, cleaning, spotting, stepping, and launching operations. If competent help is not provided by the member, any additional required Club staff and material cost will be charged to the owner.

28. Members and guests are not to park in the area south of the Clubhouse during the spring and fall when boats are being launched or hauled except by permission of the Yardmaster.

29. Members shall be responsible for complying with the Rules for Performing Boat Maintenance. Any fines to Edgewater Yacht Club, as a result of an infraction, intentional or accidental, will be charged back to the member.

30. Members are responsible for the safe and adequate condition of their cradles and shoring devices. The Club retains the right to reject any device it deems not proper for its operations. The owner is responsible to remove all shoring at the time of launch.

31. Winter stored boats must be ready for launching as scheduled. Any outstanding winter storage fees must be paid prior to launching.

32. Members are responsible for their outside contractor’s compliance with the EYC rules.

33. Guest dockage is available to EYC Members and I-LYA affiliated or reciprocal association members only. Guest dockage for the general public is available on an emergency basis only. No member may sub-lease or allow anyone to use their slip or dry- sail space.

34. A vehicle may only take one space in the parking lot. It can not be hooked up to water or power. The management may, based on the size of the vehicle or the anticipated duration of the stay, designate the area of the parking lot in which the vehicle must be parked.

35. Any improvements to docks and catwalks using wood, whether by the Club or members, shall be made with unpainted pressure treated lumber.

36. Riding of bikes, skateboards, scooters (manual or powered) or use of roller blades on EYC premises, (all areas including docks and parking lot), is unsafe and prohibited. Bicycles and motor scooters used as transportation to the Club are permitted to enter and park.

37. Members in the drysail area shall be responsible for the neatness of their drysail space as well as keeping all items secure in order to prevent injury and/or damage to people or equipment.

38. All Edgewater Yacht Club members shall abide by the Edgewater Yacht Club Constitution, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, and Policies and Procedures established by the Board of Trustees.

Rules for Members Performing Boat Maintenance on Land


Federal and State EPA require us to have a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan. This is a plan we are obliged to produce to minimize the amount of pollutants that run into the lake from the land areas of the club. We as boaters should set an example of good stewardship of the health of Lake Erie. We have therefore adopted the rules below governing your conduct while performing boat maintenance, repairs, and preparations for launching and haul-out. Please follow them so as to help preserve what we know to be Cleveland's best resource.

Boat Repairs & Maintenance:

Owners of vessels may undertake boat project as needed to maintain their vessels safety, appearance and utility. It is not envisioned or expected that major reconstruction of a vessel be undertaken on club property. All vessels must be ready for launch during club scheduled dates or incur extra charges.

Please use extreme caution and common sense when working with any material that may fall on the ground and enter into the basin. ALERT - Do not dispose of any fuels, used oils, batteries, antifreeze or filters in any dumpster or barrel. ALERT- SPILLS OR DISCHARGES OF ANY HAZARDOUS MATERIALS MUST BE REPORTED TO EYC MANAGEMENT IMMEDIATELY AFTER SUCH AN OCCURANCE OR IMMEDIATELY UPON DISCOVERY.

Engines and Bilges:

Contact yard personnel for recycling locations & assistance.
Use absorbent pads to soak up oil and fuel (available for sale at the yard building).
Recycle oil & filters properly (container in ‘Waste Oil Building’).
Dispose of gasoline & diesel properly (see yard personnel to make arrangements).
Place used batteries in ‘Battery Recycle Building’.


Use bio-degradable soaps and cleaners.
Use fresh water.

Surface Preparation, Painting & Refinishing:

Limit the amount of open solvents to one gallon.
Always mix paints and epoxy over a tarp.
Always use a drip pan and drop cloth.
Take all unused paints home for storage. Do not dispose of paints or solvents in any dumpster or barrel. Ask the yard personnel for assistance.

Trash & Sewage:

Waste and refuse shall not be dropped in the basin or elsewhere on Club premises, but must be deposited in containers provided by the Club.
Untreated sewage should never be discharged directly overboard.
Store sewage in holding tanks and dispose of at pump out stations.
Ensure that toilet systems function properly. Use shore side facilities whenever possible.

Members shall be responsible for complying with the Rules for Performing Boat Maintenance. Any fines to Edgewater Yacht Club, as a result of an infraction, intentional or accidental, will be charged back to the member.