Edgewater Yacht Club, Inc.
6700 Memorial Shoreway NW
Cleveland, Ohio 44102

Yard / Service / Gas Dock:                                 216-281-1518
Office: 216-281-6470
Bar: 216-281-2441
Guard: 216-281-5013
Pool: 216-281-1091

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Club Race

EYC Race Program

The Edgewater Yacht Club sail race program runs from Memorial Day through the end of September. There are fleets for PHRF, JAM, Ensign, Dragon, T-10, J105,  J24, J-22, J70, Jet-14, VXOne and Highlanders. Applications are to be completed online and are usually posted for all Members owning sailboats to fill out and submit around April 20th. Fees are determined yearly based on the cost to run the program. Approximately 90 sailboats participate. If you ever have any questions about the race applications or program, please contact the Fleet Captain.(click here for the Contact Us page of the website).

Club Racing Documents
    2022 Notice of Race
    2022 Edgewater Race / Regatta Schedule
    2022 One Design Sailing Instructions
    2022 Fixed Mark Sailing Instructions
    2022 PHRF JAM Race Program Sign-Up Form
    2022 ONE DESIGN Race Program Sign-Up Form
    2022 Edgewater Sunday Club Race Program Sailing Instructions
    2022 Fixed Mark Corse Diagram with Mark locations and headings
    2022 Seadog / Van Newberry NOR
    2022 Final Gun NOR
    2022-09-21 Race Course
2017-2020 US Sailing Appendix U


Updated 06/14/21