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Guidance for Dock Boxes, Catwalks, Etc.

Per a Board of Trustees motion on October 20, 2008 a $250 penalty will be assessed for any missed launch or haul out time or date, if the office is not notified at least 7 days in advance.


It is the purpose of the following guidelines to ensure for the membership of Edgewater Yacht Club an over-the-water environment which has reasonable standards for safety and aesthetics.

Attention is called to By-Law Article V, Section 6, which specifies that with the exception of dock boxes, mooring lines and tackle, any additions or appurtenance on or about the docks which are placed by members become the property of the Club. It is the explicit intention of this document to specify that Club responsibility is to be restricted to pilings, catwalks, main docks and Club-installed uprights. However, the Club is to retain the right to establish standards for safety and aesthetics with respect to member-installed equipment. If a member after due notice (30 days) fails to restore member installed appurtenances to safe aesthetic condition as requested, the Club may perform such work and charge the member under established schedules of rates and fees. A slip holder is responsible for all member additions or modifications to the dock or catwalk installed by present or prior slip holders.

If disagreements arise concerning the guidelines below or if exceptions are desired by a member, the Catwalk Committee (or its designated successor) shall be the body reviewing and deciding such matters.

Dock Boxes:

1. Dock boxes are to be of a size which can be fitted into an envelope 54" x 30" x 30".

2. Each slip may be equipped with one dock box.Dock Box

3. Dock boxes, whether home-built or commercial, shall be devoid of projections which could injure passers by.

4. Dock boxes may be adorned with modest decoration in the form of stripes, the name of the vessel moored in the slip, and the like.

5. Dock boxes are to be mounted outside the perimeter or edge of the main dock, and the top of the dock box should be no more than 42" above the dock level.

6. Dock boxes installed prior to the adoption of these guidelines are grand fathered as to size for the present owner in the present slip location only.

7. Dock boxes are to be white and brought up to good condition as needed by the beginning of the boating season.

8. The condition and appearance of dock boxes will be reviewed by the Catwalk Committee twice annually during the course of the catwalk inspections as specified in the By-Laws.

Railings, rail caps, etc.:

1. Members may install railings, rail caps, and similar appurtenances at their assigned catwalks, with no expenses to be borne by the Club. Member installed railings, rail caps, lighting, etc., are to be natural colored pressure treated lumber. Where lighting is desired, plans and specifications must be approved for safety and aesthetics by the Catwalk Committee (or its designated successor).

2. Members may install temporary down riggers as necessary to meet lake level conditions, provided they are securely installed and maintained in good condition. Such down riggers must be removed, by the member, at the end of each boating season to avoid their contributing to ice damage to Club-owned slips.

3. Where standards are not met, the member will be informed and asked to restore member-installed equipment up to standards. Failing to make restoration in 30 days, the Club may do needed work and bill the member according to established rates and fees.

CatwalkCatwalk carpeting, decking, steps, etc.:

1. Members may install carpeting of exterior grade materials, provided that such materials are securely anchored and maintained in good condition.

2. Members may install other forms of catwalk decking such as plywood if it is securely installed, natural colored pressure treated, or painted white and maintained in good and safe condition.

3. Members may install temporary steps as necessary to meet lake level conditions.

4. The condition of member-owned appurtenances covered in this section will be reviewed twice annually by the Catwalk Committee which inspects catwalks.

Other additions:

1. It is the explicit intent of these guidelines to prohibit member installed patios, benches, platforms, etc. from placement on Edgewater Yacht Club property.

2. Existing non-conforming structures and addictions will be reviewed by the Catwalk Committee not later than the fall inspection tour, and recommendations for removal made to the Board of Trustees as appropriate.

3. Members shall, prior to the fall Catwalk Inspection, remove all hoses, dock lines, fenders, etc. from their slip.

In addition to the above, member and club expectations are:

1. Each boat slip shall have at least two cleats, and two shared end pilings available for mooring.

2. Each boat slip shall have available electrical outlets and city supplied water.

3. The member is responsible to notify the club of any perceived deficiencies or unsafe conditions of the dock, catwalk or attachments. Any deficiencies shall be resolved by the dock and catwalk member committee.

4. EYC is responsible to maintain all club installed and owned docks, catwalks and attachments.

5. Wet slip holders shall have their slips available from April 1 through November 30 of each year.

6. Dry sail space holders shall have their assigned spaces available from May 20th through October 10th of each year. Additionally, dry space holders shall have access to the boat hoist and temporary spaces from May 1st through May 20th and October 10th through October 31st.

Updated 2/10/23