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Important tips to follow when launching your boat at EYC!

1st day WET SLIPS are available is April 1st. 1st day DRY SAIL spots are available is May 15th.

If you have any further questions about what is expected from you when launching please contact the yard at 216-281-1518 or e-mail yard@eycweb.com.

The following is a very informative article that was written by member Lee Jay Karns for the April 2011 issue of the Motor & Mast. There is also some addtional informaiton added to the article.

Mast Head Fly

April begins our yearly ritual of boat launching. To assist you in making that experience the best it can be, the mast head fly has spent some time with the yard crew compliling a list of important tips to follow for your boat launch.

Parked Cars

Leave the keys in your car. The ability to just move a car instead of trying to find the owner is a huge time saver. Park initially in a spot that is not obviously in the way of main lanes.

Shrink Wrap

All strapping and wood must be removed from shrink wrapping. Roll the shrink wrap up and tie it. Place the bundle in the designated area behind the dumpster for recycling.

Scheduling a Launch Date and Time

When calling to schedule a launch date and time you must have the following information ready. A few dates and times of when you want to schedule, name, member number, if you are stored at the Club and if you will be stepping a mast or not.

Call the office at 216-281-6470 to schedule your Launch date and time!!!

**Please Note -Boats that are not stored at the Club can only be scheduled for Tuesdays!

If your boat is stored at the Club you can schedule your launch date Wednesday - Saturday in April, or Wednesday – Sunday in May.

Appointed Launch Time

Be ready at your appointed time. There are hefty fines for missing scheduled launch appointments for good reason. If you need to reschedule, you must contact the office 7 days before your scheduled launch time.

We have 1 hour to pick up your boat and travel to the launching slip, let you touch up bottom paint, step your mast and get ready for the next boat.

If one boat is late the domino effect comes into play.

Travel LiftLaunching the Boat

Most of the boats are launched bow first, please have a bow and stern line rigged for the starboard side. We have a spring line set up for mast steping.

• Have fenders rigged, but do not drop them over the side until the boat is in the water and out of the slings, they interfere with the load bars.

• If you are going to use carpet between the slings and the hull, have it at the ready.

• If you want to touch up the bottom paint under the pad areas, we usually do this at the launching slip, have everything you need ready.

• If there are any special requests, such as centerboards or rudder work please let us know when we are picking up the boat.

• Before we release the boat from the slings, someone with the boat must go below and check for leaks, this person should know the location of the sea cocks and all other potential leak areas.

• Know how much water is in your boat before launching so you have a reference point.

• With the low water level in the basin, you might want to have someone "ride" the boat into the water.

Readying the Mast

• Inspect the mast before it is time to step it.

• Inspect all the turnbuckles, most need lubrication.

• Remove any cotter pins still in the turnbuckles.

• Open the turnbuckle all the way to lubricate and center the barrel (start the upper and lower threaded studs at the same time so that you have the full amount of adjustment).

• Leave the turnbuckles approximately 5 turns further open than when you started, boats do move over the winter.Step Mast

• Check that you have all the clevis pins that you need and they are of the proper size and length. (All shackles do not use the same size clevis pins.)

• Remove old cotter pins and discard,

• Have new stainless steel cotter pins of proper size and length for each clevis pin.

• Have spares at the ready.

Stepping the Mast

• Have the top of the mast towards the water.

• Have the forward side of the mast facing the sky, while laying on the horses.

• After putting on the spreaders, check to make sure the halyards and the shrouds are on the proper side of the spreaders.

• Coil halyards and any other lines that will be lose at the butt of the mast.

• Leave shrouds lose or lightly tied to the mast.

• Do not wrap around the mast and shrouds to keep things tidy.

• The shrouds need to be free before we can step your mast.

• Be ready to dispense the proper clevis pin and cotter pin to each shroud as soon as the mast is up.

• It is okay to have them in the turnbuckles with the cotter pin slightly opened.

• Have your tools ready, we have our tools ready.

May the "Spirit of EYC" be with you.

Updated 2-22-13